What is Icydrink?


The glass of ice to drink glamour

Icydrink, is a special automatic ice glass-maker manufactured patented and designed by the Italian of Bologna, Mario Montanari.

The ice glass-maker turns out mass production of ice cups, aesthetically and technically of perfect design. These glasses are tailored to meet all the requirements of the “food and drink” business. This machine is wholly manufactured in Italy and is internationally patented.

Icydrink embodies the concept of style, exclusivity, elegance and innovation. In a very short time, it has become part of top-level clubs all over the world, which aim to offer a new image, an innovative and trendy product of stimulating sensations and emotions never heard before.

Technical Data

Icydrink ice glass-maker is available in 3 models: C 8-W, C 8-W for cruise ships, and C 8-A.


C 8-W

C 8-A

Cooling water Air
Power supply 230 V 50Hz 1Ph or 110 V 60Hz 230 V 50Hz 1Ph or 110 V 60Hz
Electric consumption 1,1 Kw/h 1,1 Kw/h
Refrigerant R 404 a  R 404 a
Duct tape Foam without CFC Foam without CFC
Cycle time 30′ 30′
Ice Cone/cycle 8  8
Production 24h (t. water 15°C/ t. air 25°C) 384 384
Conservation Ice Cone Separate freezer Separate freezer
Water capacitor consumption 45 lt/h 45 lt/h
Water consumption 5 lt/h 5 lt/h
Dimensions L 530 x P 600 x H 795 L 530 x P 600 x H 795
Net weight/gross weight 72 Kg 85 Kg
Standard box material Stainless steel Stainless steel


  • ice glass-maker mod. C 8-W or C 8-A
  • 24 Ice glasses
  • 20 trays for freezer storage of 80 cones
  • ice-tongs
  • hydraulic connection for water loading/unloading


  • Ice glasses (packing of 24 pcs.)
  • sThrowaway plastic supports (packing of 600 pcs.)
  • Trays (packing of 20 pcs.)


  • Telescopic height from 115 to 160 mm

Technical Data of the Ice Cone

The technical data of the cup of the ice cone

Dimensions ø 95 mm x H 105 mm
Medium Weight 165/175 gr
Capacity 10 cl
Length of time period (Temp. environment 25°C) ~ 25/30 min


Icydrink is available and supplied with various accessories:

  • Glasses. The spiral shape of the glass makes the Icydrink ice-cone perfectly suited to it.
  • Disposable plastic cups. This new accessory has been designed to allow people to drink outside bars or clubs, where it is forbidden to bring out beverages using normal glasses.
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Email: info@icydrink.com