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31, May , 2018News

Beautiful and sweet Bologna. I spent seven years there, perhaps the most beautiful”, held Pier Paolo Pasolini about his Bolognese experience.

The capital of Emilia has always been one of the most dynamic and fascinating, enjoyable and passionate cities in Italy. Here you can eat and drink well. Guaranteed fun for everyone!.

It shouldn’t be a coincidence, then, if a Copernican drinking revolution started from the Bolognese arcades, which turned the ice into glasses, to enhance the taste and aroma of the drinks.

The developer of this revolution is Mario Montanari, who has transformed an idea into a worldwide company of ice-glasses. “I sell ice to the Eskimos“, he said, welcoming us to the Bologna office of the company that markets the ice glasses and the ice-glass makers.

A patent that we have developed step by step, testing solutions, successes and failures. The glass had to have specific characteristics; so, we needed an ice-maker that would meet these needs. Today we are satisfied, our ice-glass makers are designed and made in Italy; our glasses are appreciated all over the world  – adds Mario Montanari – No longer just as glasses for events and evenings, but also as a base for serving dishes and creations of chefs, with whom we are collaborating a lot in recent times”.

Icydrink is not a simple ice glass, “which makes possible to cool the drink without diluting its contents as ordinary ice cubes”, ”, but a real sensual experience.

I like to observe the people who try our glasses  – said this entrepreneur of sympathy and soft interlayer describing Bologna – Icydrink is an experience that involves more senses: the sight, the touch, and the taste of aromas enhanced by an ice glass”.

There is no melt on your hand, because Icydrink has a custom-made glass, conceived at the time with his friend Lauro Ghedini, in order to separate the ice and convey it, once melted, in a spiral cone, which retains the water without overturning it..

Icydrink is ecological; once used, it melts without ending up in waste, and offers also a lot of fun – told Montanari – The owner of a bar organizes a game at the end of the evening, a sort of target shooting”, adds kidding.

Icydrink ice-makers and ice-glass makers are present in the most exclusive bars and clubs in the world, from the United States to the glittering Arab world, from the most festive beaches in Europe to the homes of wealthy businessmen and managers..

“Our ice-makers, which have the same dimensions as usual ice-cube maker equipment, produce “up to eight glasses every half hour””, said Montanari.

Icydrink is a reversed cone, completely made of ice, and of the same capacity as a common cocktail glass.

The thickness of one centimeter ensures proper cooling, perfect for those who want to offer cocktails of high quality or fresh food, dishes with pure and delicate aromas”.

Above all, however, perfect for those who want to upset the concept of glass, to embrace a challenge made up of revolutionary idea, exaltation of quality, and Italian entrepreneurial culture.

article reproduced from the section Portraits of work from Confartigianato website https://www.confartigianato.it/2018/05/ritratti-del-lavoro-icydrink-la-rivoluzione-sta-in-un-bicchiere-di-ghiaccio/

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