Icydrink awarded by the New York Magazine as the best way to serve cold coffee in New York

1, Jul , 2006Icydrink

The famous NEW YORK MAGAZINE has awarded Icydrink as the best glass to serve cold coffee in New York.
Journalists from the New York Magazine, running around in a hot and muggy day, looking for a ubiquitous summer refreshing drink,

and after trying Icydrink, has stated:
“We experienced the drink’s next wave – a rich, smooth espresso shot served in Icydrink, invented in Italy and debuted here last month at a Milan design show. It keeps the drinks cold, but not watery, with the ice melting downward, dripping into a reservoir at the bottom of its custom-made glass”

This innovative way of drinking has amazed the people of New York. The touch of the lips on the ice allows them to perceive a fascinating way of drinking a good espresso that does not consist only in pouring the hot brew over stale ice cubes.

Next to the iced coffee, Icydrink is also perfect to serve any kind of cocktail, aperitif or even food like a shrimp cocktail of the same sensual, elegant and fascinating charm.


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