What is Icydrink?

It is a special automatic ice-glasses maker manufactured and patented in Italy.

Which customer is proper for??

For all those people who are attentive to innovations, proactive, who want to offer their guests a new way of entertainment, whether they are HoReCa distributors, Chef and Barman professionals in the show business or even private individuals.

Does it require special maintenance??

NO, it only requires periodic routine maintenance as a usual ice cube maker and the use of a water filter regularly replaced.

How many ice glasses are produced per day?

Icydrink produces 8 ice glasses every 30 minutes like any ice cube maker. The number of glasses produced depends on the working hours. At the end of working day, the ice-maker must be switched off.

How ice glasses should be stored?

The glasses produced must be picked up and stored in the freezer on special trays provided with the ice-maker, at a temperature of -18*C.

Why should ice glasses be stored in a freezer?

The finished glasses need to be stored on the appropriate trays in a freezer in order to block the shape and the size, unlike the classic ice cubes warehoused in the collection tank no matter if they have a regular shape or not.

If necessary, they are taken out from the freezer, using the ice-tongs, and placed on the glass or throwaway plastic supports, depending on the service offered to your guests.

What can be served?

To begin with, Icydrink was conceived for cocktails, liqueurs, and even espresso coffee, sorbets or fruit salads, but then our customers used it for food proposing Prawn Cocktails, Caviar and many other suggestions.

How long does the glass of ice last?

The ice glass service time is roughly 25/30 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature where served and the temperature of the cocktail, i.e. at room temperature, cooled or shaken.

How much does it cost to produce the ice glass?

The production cost of ice glasses depends on the cost of water per square meter, and electricity, varying from place to place, but on average, it is 4-5 cents per glass.

What is the capacity of an ice glass?

The maximum capacity is 100 ml.

Does the user get wet when using ice glasses?

No, the use of disposable glass or plastic supports allows collecting the water resulting from the melted ice.

In this way, the hands do not get wet or cold.

Does ice stick to your lips?

The ice increases slightly in temperature from the moment the ice glass is taken out from the freezer until served to the customer, so the lips do not stick to the edge of the glass.

Does the glass of ice dilute the contained drink?

Like the usual ice cubes, the ice glass is subject to melting, but unlike ice cubes, the smaller exchange surface allows to decrease the dilution of the drink. Moreover, the conical shape causes the melting water to settle on the bottom keeping the drink on the surface, allowing drinking an unadulterated beverage.

Can ice glasses be colored?

The coloring as the flavoring of ice glasses alters the ice composition and weaken its consistency limiting the use of the same as well as requiring time for cleaning and reversing to a neutral and compact ice.

Why buy Icydrink?

There are more than one advantage by buying Icydrink:

  • An immediatechange of image and distinction from the competitors.
  • An immediate referrals’ effect allowing attracting new customers.
  • An immediate consumption increase due to novelty and exclusivity.
  • Quick amortization of the investment due to possible extra costs to add for the drink service with Icydrink ice glasses.


How does it work?

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