The Glass of Ice

No more ice in the drink but the drink in the ice


ICYDRINK is a special automatic ice glass-maker manufactured patented and designed by the Italian of Bologna, Mario Montanari. The ice glass-maker turns out mass production of ice cups, aesthetically and technically of perfect design. These glasses are tailored to meet all the requirements of the “food and drink” business.


ICYDRINK allows serving cocktails, aperitifs, bitters, and spirits, but also espresso coffee, appetizers, prawn cocktails, caviar or desserts and sorbets, as well as fruit salads depending on barman’s or chef’s imagination and suggestion, making elegant every event, from a meeting in the bar to an exclusive party


Even the simplest beverage becomes stylish if drunk in an Icydrink. It enhances the senses and gives unique emotions. The ice fascinates, seduces, and intrigues with its touches when the lips feels the ice glass. It revives the sensations and stimulates our fancy.

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Icydrink, revolution is in an ice glass

Icydrink, revolution is in an ice glass

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